Flint the Time Detective
(Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun)

Welcome =) This small page is devoted to gathering information about the Japanese animated series, Flint the Time Detective. It premiered on March 5th, 2000 in America on the Fox Family channel, and 39 episodes have been shown (this would appear to be the entire run of the series). If you have any information about the show, especially pertaining to the original Japanese version, please contact me here. (Pictures or screen captures would also be nice ^_^)

Warning: This page contains spoilers.

Note: There's quite a bit of Japanese on this page, so if you don't have Japanese support in your web browser, there'll probably be some garbage characters scattered around here and there.

June 17, 2002: Added a bit about the Oldtimer. This page is badly out-of-date.

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The Time-Shifters are elusive, capricious creatures possessing amazingly potent magical powers. They were originally created by the Oldtimer to help with the maintenance of the Land of Time. The Dark Lord destroyed the Land of Time, scattering the Shifters all over the time-space continuum, and he wants the Time-Shifters for the powers they hold. Petrafina Dagmar, time-traveling villainess extraordinaire, travels with her two henchmen back to prehistoric times to try and nab one for him. However, she is stopped by a courageous young cave boy and his burly father--our heroes Flint and Rocky Hammerhead! As revenge for thwarting her plans, Petra uses a special ray gun to merge both of them into a curiously-shaped fossil. They remain so for thousands of years...

In 25th century America, a class of young school students are on a fossil hunt. A pair of twins named Tony and Sara unearth a prize find: the fossil containing Flint and Rocky! Hiding it from their cruel teacher Miss Iknow (who is, incidentally, Petrafina in disguise), they take it back to their Uncle Bernie's lab at the Bureau of Time and Space. Bernie reverses the fossilization on Flint, but cannot change Rocky back; however, as a pair of eyes pop open on the side of the fossil, they realize Rocky is still alive! In fact, he lives up to his surname, as Uncle Bernie fashions a giant hammer for Flint out of his father's stone. Flint is eventually admitted into the Bureau of Time and Space as--what else?--a Time Detective. Together with Tony, Sara, the pterodactyl-bot Pterry, and the Time-Shifter called Getalong, he is destined to save all Time-Shifters from Petrafina...


Flint Hammerhead
Japanese Name: Genshi-kun (ゲンシクン)
Japanese Name Meaning: Genshi means a LOT of things. @_@; They mostly all lead back to the theme of 'old', 'primeval', 'primitive' and stuff like that. -Kun is a common suffix tacked on to a boy's name... though no one seems to know quite what this particular one means. @_@; (CyberKnux says it translates loosely as 'young man', but I've seen a million contradicting explanations...)
Say it with me: "Gehn-shee-coon"
Voiced by: R. Martin Klein (who also plays Gomamon on Digimon!)
The star of the show, Flint is a super-kawaii little cave boy with a big appetite and an even bigger heart. ^_^ He has enormous strength, especially when coupled with his father to perform their special attack Hammerhead Rock, but he loses all his strength if he gets too hungry ^^;; He's fascinated by life in the 25th century, and the show derives lots of silliness in the earlier episodes from the trouble he gets himself into while exploring this 'brave new world'. He is a very warm, caring person, and always makes friends with each Time-Shifter the group saves. In fact, most have come to live at Bureau of Time and Space so far, which I think is thanks to him... ^_^

Rocky Hammerhead
Japanese Name: Ototan (オトタン)
Japanese Name Meaning: I'm not altogether sure... but Otou (with an appropriate suffix like Otousan, otouchan, etc.) means father.
Say it with me: "Oh-toh-tahn"
Voiced by: Bob Pappenbrook
Flint's dad-turned-implement of destruction is gruff, but still loving to his son. He also makes lots of bad jokes. ^_^;; He seems to feel a little useless sometimes, and he's rather gullible IMHO. He once fell in love with a disguised Petrafina and actually proposed to her!

Tony Goodman
Japanese Name: Tokio Yamato (大和トキオ)
Japanese Name Meaning: Yamato is a patriotic name. If you take the 'o' off of 'Tokio', you have 'Toki', a Japanese word for "time". (I wonder why 'Tokio' is written in katakana? o.O)
Say it with me: "Toh-kee-oh Yah-mah-toh"
Voiced by: Brian Donovan (who also plays Davis on Digimon, second season.)


Sara Goodman
Japanese Name: Sora Yamato (大和そら)
Japanese Name Meaning: Sora means sky. Yamato is a patriotic name.
Voiced by: Tifanie Christun (who also plays Yolei on Digimon, second season.)
The twins are your average-joe sort of kids, even though they live in the futuristic 25th century. They're both good friends with Flint, of course; Sara treats him like a little brother. Tony wants to be a Time Detective when he grows up, and is a little jealous of Flint, who has the job already at his young age. Tony also has rather low grades in school and seems to get discouraged easily about this. Sara seems... I dunno, easily embarrased maybe? Although Merlock fawns over her whenever he sees her, she doesn't seem to return his affection.

Japanese Name: Lovelove (literally Raburabu, ラブラブ)
Japanese Name Meaning: I hope it's obvious. ^_^;;
Voiced by: ???


Japanese Name: Puu-chan (probably プウチャン in katakana but I can't find this name on the series' site)
Japanese Name Meaning: Puu is likely just a cute nonsense word, and for added cuteness, they decided to tack a -chan onto its name. ;p
Say it with me: "Poo-chahn"
Voiced by: Greg Berg
The former is the first Time-Shifter Flint saved; the latter is a small, mechanical pterodactyl who watches over Flint and company when they go time-traveling. Both are inordinately cute. ^_^

Jillian Grey
Japanese Name: Rei Jinguuji (神宮寺レイ)
Say it with me: "Ray Jeen-goo-jee"
Voiced by: Mari Devon
She seems like a secretary sort to me... in any case, Jillian works for the Bureau of Time and Space, and is responsible for informing Flint when a Time-Shifter has been spotted so he can go protect it from Petra. Jillian is very beautiful, and the twins' uncle is constantly flirting with her/asking her out/etc., but she treats these advances with disdain. Ms. Grey and Merlock seem to work together a lot on Time Bureau affairs.

Dr. Bernard "Bernie" Goodman
Japanese Name: Yamato-hakase (Doctor Yamato; 大和博士)
Say it with me: "Yah-mah-toh ha-ka-seh"
Voiced by: Richard Cansino
Tony and Sara's uncle is a semi-crackpot scientist and inventor, who also seems to work for the Bureau of Time and Space. (Why else would he live there? :P) He looks after Tony, Sara, Flint, and all the Time-Shifters, as well as maintaing all of the technology that Flint and company use to get around. If I'm not mistaken, he invented the translator pins that the group wears in order to understand foreign languages when they're time-traveling. He's also hopelessly in love with Jillian, and seems to have imagined a relationship between them that really isn't there.

Petrafina Dagmar
Japanese Name: T.P. Redi or Redi T.P. (TPレディ), ..... a.k.a. Akira Aino (愛野 瞳) as a schoolteacher.
Japanese Name Meaning: No clue. @_@;; (although Aino means 'of love'...)
Say it with me: "Ah-kee-rah Ah-ee-noh"
Voiced by: Barbara Goodson (who also plays TK's mom and probably other miscellanious parts on Digimon.)
The main villainess of the show is.... something else. ^_^;; Petra is absolutely infatuated with her boss, the Dark Lord, and doesn't seem to realize that he's using her feelings for him to manipulate her. Either that or she just doesn't care. :p Petrafina is a very vain and flamboyant villainess, and reminds me a lot of Jessie from Pokemon; she certainly has the same sort of temper ;p Her mission is to capture as many Time-Shifters as possible, so she can hand them over to the Dark Lord and hopefully win his love. In the human world, she masquerades as the schoolteacher Miss Iknow, and oddly enough has gotten stuck with Tony, Sara, and Flint in her class. We found out eventually that Petra grew up as a princess! She was a nice little girl, as a matter of fact; with a Time-Shifter companion named Raldo. But she ran away, because her not-so-nice mother tried to stick her in an arranged marriage.

Japanese Name: Daina (pronounced more or less the same; ダイナ)
Japanese Name Meaning: Probably the same thing it means in English.
Voiced by: Lex Lans


Japanese Name: Maito (pronounced more or less the same; マイト)
Japanese Name: Probably the same thing it means in English.
Voiced by: David Lodge
Petra's two bumbling hench-creatures. Petra usually ends up being the butt of their jokes, rather than the other way around, as one would expect. ^_^ These two were originally an eel and a frog, respectively, but were mutated into their current forms through the experiments of human scientists. Petrafina earned their loyalty by rescuing them during a heist on the lab where they happened to be imprisoned.

The Dark Lord
Japanese Name: Kamen no Kata (仮面の方)
Japanese Name Meaning: Roughly, "masked man". ^_^;;
Voiced by: Tom Wyner
The mysterious villain that Petra works for, responsible for the destruction of the Land of Time and the scattering of the Time-Shifters all over the space/time continuum. He dresses like a Victorian gentleman, carries a rose, and has the hair of a true bishounen character, but his face is always hidden by a mask... We discovered at the series' end that the Dark Lord is actually a boy, a few years older than Flint, or at least that's how old he looks in his true form. He was sentenced to rule the Land of Dread (dark counterpart to the Land of Time) forever, trapped there mysteriously, by who or what we don't know. He sent out his henchmen to capture the Time-Shifters and stop Flint because he was unable to come there in person. There's a lot more to the Dark Lord than can be covered by a single paragraph. @_@;; Eventually, however, Flint managed to make friends with him...he went back to the Land of Dread to continue his reign in peace.

Super Ninja
Japanese Name: ???
Voiced by: ???
Super Ninja is a member of the Dark Lord's Great Four, sent to assist Petrafina in offing Flint and capturing Time-Shifters. He can transform from a small brooch into a giant Ninja form capable of taking on Flint and surviving--though not necessarily winning. Like the others of the Great Four, he transformed himself back into his true form--a crimson rose--after witnessing the reunion of Flint and the Time-Shifters in the Land of Dread.

Japanese Name: ???
Voiced by: ???
Uglinator is Super Ninja's replacement; he has two main forms besides his normal one--Uglinator-Khan (I believe) and the Petra-Stamp. He is a malicious little creature who enjoys playing with humans' minds; he once took over an entire school full of children, and also took control of Merlock for a brief period. Recently, Petra and her henchmen accidentally wound up working for Uglinator, instead of the other way around...at least until he was called back by the Dark Lord due to one too many defeats. Like the others of the Great Four, he transformed himself back into his true form--a rose--after witnessing the reunion of Flint and the Time-Shifters in the Land of Dread.

Japanese Name: ???
Voiced By: ???
Naskal is an evil birdlike henchman, the third member of the Great Four. He guards the Dark Lord's labyrinth in the Land of Dread and (unsuccessfully) attempts to keep Flint and company from traversing through it. He attacks them as Naskal-Khan, but when defeated changes into a key that Flint uses to exit the labyrinth. Like the others of the Great Four, he transformed himself back into his true form--a rose--after witnessing the reunion of Flint and the Time-Shifters in the Land of Dread.

Japanese Name: ???
Voiced By: ???
Ominito is a mushroom-shaped creature, the last of the Dark Lord's four henchmen. He watches over the caverns beyond the labyrinth in the Land of Dread, and has an overwhelming fondness for video games (the episode where Flint confronts him is one giant parody of Super Mario Brothers, IMHO). He can morph into Ominito-Khan and create gold mushroom coins. Like the others of the Great Four, he transformed himself back into his true form--a rose--after witnessing the reunion of Flint and the Time-Shifters in the Land of Dread.

Japanese Name: Kyouichirou (京一郎)
Japanese Name Meaning: I don't know precisely, but it's an actual Japanese male name.
Say it with me: "K'yo-ee-chee-roh"
Voiced by: ???
This strange young vampire is the most bishounen character in the series, being so effeminate that it would be possible to mistake him for a girl. He appears and disappears mysteriously (although the coolness factor is usually offset by his continually falling from very high places ^_^;;), offering aid to Flint and company as a fellow member of the Bureau of Time and Space. Merlock has fallen hard for Sara; he always pays special attention to her, and the first time they met he was nearly able to hypnotize her into giving him a kiss. (These days, whenever he fawns over her, he can expect to get whacked by Bindi. ^^;) He dresses in a similar fashion to the Dark Lord; his hair and facial colorings are very reminiscent of Zelgadis from the anime Slayers. He also has a black walking stick that he can use to perform several special attacks. Late in the series Uglinator mind-controlled Merlock into attacking his friends; and with the memory of nearly killing Sara fresh in his mind, he temporarily resigned from the Time Detectives--only to come back an episode later. As Flint said, "Once a Time Detective, always a Time Detective." :)

Japanese Name: Anmon
Japanese Name Meaning: ??? Considering that she's a Time-Shifter, it's likely that this is just a nonsense word, but I don't actually know.
Say it with me: "Ahn-moan"
Voiced by: ???
The stubborn, eogtistical, temperamental Time-Shifter that has elbowed her way into the position of Merlock's partner/traveling companion. Before she met Merlock, Bindi lived with Dracula, of all people. She is very loyal to Merlock, and seems to have somewhat of a crush on him. Her Master form is a human-looking female with fairy wings... o.o;;

The Oldtimer
Japanese Name: Toki-G (...I give up. I can't get the hiragana to display properly. Dang English browser.)
Japanese Name Meaning: As mentioned earlier, toki means time. The G is probably an abbreviation for God, which would make him the Time God in the JP version.
Say it with me: "Toh-kee G"
Voiced by: Kim Strauss
The old man who lives in the Land of Time, watching over time and space. After the Dark Lord pretty much destroyed the Land of Time and scattered the Time-Shifters all over the place, the Oldtimer secretly founded the Time Bureau to retrieve them. He's always watching over Flint and company via his magical laptop computer. He is a jolly old guy and he seems to feel a grandfatherly affection toward Flint.

Japanese Name: ???
Voiced by: ???
Unita is a rogue Time-Shifter who, unlike his fellows, has the ability to shift time periods and surf the time flow at will. (No, I don't understand why they're called Time-Shifters either in this case...probably a dub screw-up.) He spends almost all of his time in Master form, enough so that no one bothers to make the distinction between Unita and Unita-Master; the only time they change names is when he is under Petra's control. Unita does not stay at the Bureau like many of the other Time-Shifters, but prefers to range out on his own; however, he can usually be counted on to come save Flint and company in the nick of time.

Misc. Japanese Series Info

According to Moon Child, who has some JP tapes for reference and the Japanese knowledge to decipher 'em with...

"...Instead of (time-shifter) Master, they are called Super (whoever) after they change. Also, in Japanese, the time-shifters (Jikuu Monsters) don't speak. Most of them just say their names (like pokemon) This applies to Getalong (LoveLove) as well. Bindi (Anmon) speaks english though. I'm not sure about Unita yet. Most likely he'll speak Japanese.

...You know that fossilizing beam that Genshi uses? In JP he says Kaseki Biimu, meaning fossil beam. No difference. Instead of shape-shifting, Jikuu monsters suupaa henshin (super transformation). time cards are called Jikuu caado meaning basically the same. The only other thing that I can tell you is this thing that Genshi-kun says a lot. It's kinda like his battle cry. He says "Ishi ishi ishi ha!!!!" Ishi literally means will or will power. It has a few other meanings but I think that this one was the one that they wanted people to hear. The "ha" I think is just a random thing at the end of the sentence. It's hard to tell because Genshi speaks a really strange JP dialect..."

Thanks for the info!! ^^ And feel free to whack me if you don't like being quoted... ;9

Episode Listing

This information comes from EpGuides.com. Most of the episodes are named after the Time-Shifter found in that episode. But not all... go figure. -_o

Episode #

Episode Title

Hammerhead Rock!
Go Getalong
Miss Iknow Makes a House Call
The Cardians
Rocky in Love
Enter the Unicon
Snug as a Bug
The Land of Dread
Game Master
The Rescue
Time of Darkness
Caveman's Christmas

I may put up synopses later.


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